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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer some of your questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s answer some of your questions


Who/what is OTESA?

On Target Education and Sport Academy (Pty) Limited – A Proudly South African initiative created for South Africans empowering our youth in creating a better future. We believe that we can only achieve this goal, through development initiatives aimed at upskilling our youth and the unemployed.

Our aim is to empower South Africans to interact and embrace those around them in a positive, compassionate manner, and ultimately creating a greater value within their respective communities.

On Target Education and Sport Academy (PTY) Limited is in partnership with various institutions who are accredited with different SETA’s in providing work skills development, sport training program and provides each participant the opportunity to engage in the social program creating economic sustainability. We support and understand that sport plays a critical role in the development of social cohesion.

On Target Education and Sport Academy (Pty) Limited – A Proudly South African initiative created for South Africans empowering our youth in creating a better future.

Why do I have to sign a contract?

You have to sign a contract to understand your obligations towards your studies and the Company who will be sponsoring your education.

What are the timelines for my course?

12 months.

How do I know this is a credible institution?

On Target Education and Sport Academy is not Accredited with a SETA currently but we have various Training providers/partners and TVET Colleges who are accredited with their individual SETA’s.

Will any of the courses earn me credits in any of the other institutions?


At what level is the certification?

Level 3 – 6

When will I need to make the 1st payment of the registration fee?

Before the commencement date of your Course.

Am I guaranteed a job after I finish the course?

No. But when clients are sourcing employees, we send CV’s and recommendations to the clients.

Should I have passed my Matric with a Bachelors or Diploma to apply?

Only a matric qualification or similar/ or alternatively passing our DAT test

Is my acceptance guaranteed after submission of all the documents?

With the documents and proof of registration fee paid and also availability of Sponsorships from Clients

Will I have opportunities to gain some practical experience during the course?

Yes, On Target Education and Sport Academy offers life skills and Entrepreneurial programmes

Which SETA's are the courses accredited with?

Merseta and Services SETA/CATH SeTA

What are the educational minimum requirements to apply?

Matric/ or 18 – 29

Are the courses theoretical or practical?

The courses are theoretical and practical.

Where will lessons be held?

At JHB Stadium, Dorah Street, New Doornfontein

How often will I have to come to lecturers (a week)?

It depends on your roster but mostly everyday. Practical’s will be discussed prior. (HRST Response – Every day (4 hours a day) the sport will depend on the availability of the stadium and schedule of trainers)

How will my progress be measured during the course?

The facilitator will monitor your progress by attendance, class test, assignments, formative and summative assessments

The advert indicates FREE training but I see there are fees payable.

The training provided is for free in terms of we will be paying for the classrooms, facilitators and workshop. We require a commitment fee from you which translates into a Registration Fee, printing of Training Materials, Differential Aptitude Tests. We can only accommodate a certain amount of people per campus and/or per intake and we want to ensure the people interested will commit to complete the 12 month course.

Are you offering to pay out stipends?

No, but we will have opportunities after month 4 of training to start supplementing your income through an effective and proven Entrepreneurship program.


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